Survey on Women Entrepreneurship - 2016
This survey is an attempt to understand the current landscape for women entrepreneurs in India. The Startup Girls’ charter is to increase the number of women in startup boards, encourage women CXOs in startups, and enable more success stories among women-founded startups. 

We welcome both men and women to participate in the survey and share their thoughts on this matter. The information given by you is confidential and will only be used for internal survey purposes.
Tell us a little about yourself -


Gender: *

What do you do? *

What do you think is/are the biggest struggles of an entrepreneur? *

Do you believe that women entrepreneurs face a struggle that is different from their male counterparts? *

List 3 typically female entrepreneurial traits?

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List 3 typically male entrepreneurial traits?

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What you think are the differences between female and male entrepreneurs? *

Team building and management *

Multitasking *

Risk Taking *

Building a technology platform *

Networking *

Raising capital *

Governance and compliance *

Resilience and bouncing back from adversity *

Scaling an organization rapidly *

Other (Please fill in any other differences we may have left out)

Do you believe that the traits of male entrepreneurs are more valued than those being perceived as typically female? *

What do you believe is/are the most effective ways to overcome stereotypes about female leadership and entrepreneurship? *

Are you a funded entrepreneur? *

In your opinion, are there specific challenges women entrepreneurs face while fund raising? *

If yes, could you list 3 challenges.

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Do you believe women entrepreneurs face a bias while hiring senior management? *

In your opinion, networks and forums on female leadership and entrepreneurs are: *

Do you believe that there are enough platforms for women entrepreneurs in the country? *

Do you belong to any of these forums or organisations? If yes, which ones?

What would your expectation be from such a platform or network?

How would you seek to help foster an environment that is more encouraging towards women entrepreneurs?

Do you have a mentor? What do you look for in a mentor?

Can our team call you in case we need any further information?

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